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  1. William Henry Tibbs
    This is the latest new information I have come across. It's possible his father is the William Tibbs on the 1820 Smith Tn census. I have often wondered if there might possibly be any connection to the Tibbs on "My Surnames" and it appears that he very well could be.

    Colonel William Henry Tibbs born in Appomattox, Va. b. 1816 died in Dalton, Ga. 1906, lived in Smith Co. when his father William moved there in 1818. then to Bledsoe Co. in 1823, then to Mississippi only to return to Bradley Co. Tn. William Henry Tibbs later in life became a delegate for, East Tennessee, First Confederate Congress.

    William Tibbs also of Appomattox, Va. was the father of William H. Tibbs and was a veteran in the War of 1812. William H.'s grandfather was John Tibbs.